Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crazy Crez : (interview) Pt.2

32 Bars : Where do you see your self in the next couple of years ?

Crazy : Hopefully with my own business ! Maybe my own studio (Record Label) I know you gotta start from the bottom , so im on my way to the top , cause im BOSS , Feel me !

32 Bars : Who were some of your favorite rappers growing up ?

Crazy : Eazy one ! Tupac A.K.A. Makaveli, Ice Cube, Bone, Dayton Family, Three Six Mafia, Jay z, I listen to all types of music but mostly rap !

32 Bars : If you were to die today , would you be happy with the way your life turned out !

Crazy : Absolutely not ! I feel like there's so much in this life that i am still supposed to do yet !

32 Bars : Like what !

Crazy : Well first and for most , Raise my kid ! And I've always felt like i was put on this earth to help others , but you just never know cause nothing is promised !

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