Sunday, July 19, 2009

Crazy Crez : (interview)

32 Bars : What made you first want to rap ?

Crazy : Well , to be honest i was riding around in my friends cutlass supreme . And we were listening to esham (underground rapper from detroit) and my friend started to freestyle , i was about thirteen years old at the time. I never heard anything like it before , i mean being able to express yourself through music just intrigued me ! and ever since i've wanted to do that !

32 Bars : what did you rap about in your freestyle at that early of an age ?

Crazy : Anything i could think of ! Guns , sex , drugs , violence !

32 Bars : Did you know what you were saying ,and what it meant ?

Crazy : At first i was just trying to rhyme , Then as i got older i started to really take heed and i realized that it was important to know what your rapping about and also how you decide to spit it ! I rap about things in my life and things i've seen !

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