Thursday, August 6, 2009


Beefing over money? What else is new? Oh wait, it's over a deceased rapper's royalties? *sigh*

This is the case between Liza Rios (Big Pun's wife) and Fat Joe over Pun's royalties. Somebody either spent all the money or pocketed the profit.

In a candid interview with Ms. Drama, Rios confesses her dyer financial situation and says she's living in a SHELTER with her children. She does admit receiving $160,000 in royalties, but she used it in mortgage payments and childcare.

Fat Joe caught wind of the controversial footage above and released a statement to Life Files via Miss Info:
“Immediately after Puns death I gave Liza Rios the whole advance of the Endangered Species album, NO ONE but Liza made a dollar off that album. I also gave her the total advance from the publishing company that was due to Big Pun.

I’ve never made a dollar off Big Pun since his passing. This was hundreds of thousands of dollars of frivolous spending, after the second payoff I washed my hands. Since then we have been through 6 lawyers, harassment on various radio stations and online mediums every time she needs more money. I also have legal documents stating that NO ONE is making money off of Big Pun.

I sympathize with Liza, but I have done already done enough for her. In these economic times we as parents need to be resilient and do what it takes to provide for our own families.”

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