Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Short And Bun B Remember UGK's Early Days

Too Short :

"Well, you know what, the one thing that I'll always remember that I got from UGK was I watched them," said Short, sitting next to Bun in the studio. "You know, I always been about keeping it simple in the studio. When you get on that stage, it's gonna be you and some other groups. Get in there, you gotta shine. So, I always say that when I was the OG and they were the youngsters, I'd always say to them, 'Come out, always do a good show.' But every time I'd see them, their show would get better and better. I just used to listen to the song selection and how they could take their fans [on a journey].

Bun B :

People are always telling me I look like Bun B," Bun laughed. "People don't ever say, 'Bun B, what's up?' I went to the store to get some cigars. Girl behind the counter, she was laughing with her homegirl. I was like, 'What y'all laughing about?' She said, 'Nah, [we were] talking about how much you look like Bun B.' I was like, 'Yeah, right, like Bun B would come in here.' She said, 'Yeah, I bet people tell you that.' I said, 'Every day somebody tells me I look like Bun B.

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