Friday, July 31, 2009

Joe Smith Interview !

32 Bars : Do you consider your self a basketball player first and then a rapper or the other way around ?

Joe Smith : I consider myself an athlete first, only because basketball is putting food on the table right now. But, I have just as much passion for my music that I have for basketball.

32 Bars : Are you currently working on any new projects at he moment ?

Joe Smith : I'm currently working on my second mixtape, as well as my first album. I'm constantly working and writing.

32 Bars :What can we expect from Nova Unit Records in the future ?

Joe Smith : You will start hearing more and more music from Nova Unit Records. I'm in the process of adding new artist and producers (Hip-Hop & R&B) to the team.

32 Bars : Whats something most people don't know about Joe Smith A.K.A Joe Beast ?

Joe Smith : People that don't know me, don't understand how serious I am about my music. I'm not just an athlete trying to rap, I honestly enjoy the art, and respect all artist in the business.

32 Bars : Why do you think people tend to never give athletes a chance when it comes to them stepping into the rap world ?

Joe Smith : Alot of people think athletes just wanna do music for the hell of it but, I wanna change that way of thinking. I got alot to talk about & to say.

32 Bars : If you had to pick one , which of your songs do you like the most ?

Joe Smith : Don't get me wrong with this one, cause I love every song I do and that I've done. But, if I had to choose one, I would say the song I titled "Hip-Hop". Where I'm giving shout-outs to as many Hip-Hop artist (old school to present), that's been an influence on me and my music.

32 Bars : It's been reported that your constantly writing, just how much does Joe beast have in the vault ?

Joe Smith : Yes Sir!!! I write all the time, I have hundreds of instrumentals on my ipod, that I cycle through, and write to the one that grabs me at the moment. As far as how much I have in the vault, I'm holding between 200-300 songs completed. And maybe another 15-20 that's written but not recorded yet.

32 Bars : Any shot outs ? Any big news going on that you want to add ?

Joe Smith : Shout outs to my Nova Unit family, V.A. STAND UP!!! Shouts to 32 Bars and its followers for all the support. Shouts to the whole music industry, listen to me before you judge me. I don't like shouting out individuals cause I hate to miss someone or offend someone close to me.

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