Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fish In A Barrel: Unfair Fights In Hip-Hop

While listening to Lil’ Wayne’s new joint, “Million Dollar Baby,” Weezy spits some verbal darts at radio personality and TV show host, Wendy Williams. There are plenty of rap fans who wouldn’t mind Jay-Z entertaining The Game’s verbal taunts for a “Takeover 2.0,” they also would love to see Method Man and Joe Budden settle who is the better rapper. Hell, most rap fans probably would be entertained by the absurdity that would become of a Soulja Boy vs. New Boyz battle. However, most of the time we get stuck with things like Wayne versus Wendy, a case of a top rapper verbally disrespecting someone who can’t even rap to offer a semi-entertaining rebuttal. This got us thinking about some of our favorite unfair fights in Hip-Hop.

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